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Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Are you considering migrating to Australia permanently? Or perhaps you are interested in working there temporarily? If yes, then our seminars can provide you with comprehensive information about:

  • the specifics of living and working in Australia
  • various visa categories: skilled workers, family and other visa options
  • the Do's and Don'ts - avoiding costly mistakes.

Our seminars offer a unique opportunity to obtain accurate and detailed information about Australia. We will provide you with professional and reliable guidance. We believe that a realistic and thorough assessment of the different relocation aspects is the basis for successful migration to Australia.

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Investor Visa Workshop - Individually, private and online

In the age of the internet, you can book your private online Investment Workshop.

Hear about Australia’s investor migrant pathways and discuss options which suit your investment strategy. Topics will include available Investment Visa towards Australian Citizenship. Your workshop will be hosted by our Investor Relationship Manager.

Your Investor Visa Workshop will be live and by appointment only - conveniently from the office or from home and whenever you want. You can invite other participants to your online workshop.

When:  online and whenever convenient for you
Duration:  approx. 3 hours
Costs:  AUD$ 1,450



Migration Seminars: Autumn seminars were a great success

Again this autumn, Sydney Migration International hosted its beloved Australia seminars. Our workshops in Frankfurt and Munich with the title “Upgrade your Lifestyle” as well as our business workshop “Doing business in Australia” were once again fully booked. We want to thank all participants for their interest and for actively taking part in the workshops.

The participants of the workshops were extensively informed about the different visa options for Australia.

Australia Seminar Nov 2017 Bigger 1

Entrepreneurs, owners of family businesses and freelancers were especially fascinated by the possibility of a “Branch out” to Australia. In the “Doing business”-workshop the foundation of an Australian subsidiary company was also explained in detail.

Particular attention was also paid to the recent Australian visa reforms. This helped to update the participants about Australia’s current visa policy and to counteract the uncertainty of many seminar participants, resulting from misleading information circulating in the internet.

Australia Seminar Nov 2017 Bigger 2

Of course, the topic “General Skilled Migration” was also covered extensively in the workshops.

Furthermore, the participants received many information concerning taxation, superannuation and health insurance in Australia.

On top, every participant could get individual advice from our migration experts, including a free short visa assessment.  

Australia Seminar Nov 2017 Bigger 3

Once again, we would like to thank all seminar participants for their attendance. We cannot wait to host our next seminars in spring!

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Press Release: Living and Working in Australia - Seminar

We just welcomed the 1000th participant

This March again, Melbourne Migration International hosted its popular seminar “Living and working in Australia”.
With a wide range of interactive presentations, our experienced Migration Agents introduced the specifics of living and working in Australia to the seminar participants and informed them about current Australian visa updates.
This year’s seminar mainly focussed different visa options for professionals, family businesses, self-employed persons and freelancers.

AU Seminar March 2017 3
In addition, the seminar hosts also provided many useful and practice-oriented information concerning the Australian way of life and the local job market in Melbourne. Furthermore, there was enough time for personal discussion with other seminar participants and for individual talks with our migration agents.

We are proud that our seminar was again fully booked and that we could welcome the thousandth seminar participant this year.
We wish to thank all those who attended for their active participation and the positive feedback and we are looking forward to our next Australia seminars later this year. We would be delighted to welcome you in one of our seminars!

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AU Seminar March 2017 6


AU Seminar March 2017 9


 Press Release 2016: Living and Working in Australia - Seminar

This autumn again, Melbourne Migration International hosted its popular Australia Seminars.
In the course of interactive presentations, our experienced Migration Agents could provide factual and practical information relating to the topic “Migration and Visa Australia”.

This year’s seminars mainly focused different visa options for professionals, craftsmen and self-employed persons. Further focal points included permanent residency in Australia, as well as the 457 self-sponsorship visa. Moreover, the possibilities of dual citizenships and the new entrepreneur visa for Australia were intensively discussed with the seminar participants.


k 2016 11 20 Pictures AUS Seminar in FRA Nov 2016 13


In the course of the seminars, the contents and covered topics were specifically tailored to the interests and wishes of the seminar participants. The individual opportunities and questions of the participants could also be discussed in several individual conversations with our experts. In addition, each participant also had the opportunity for a free Australian visa assessment.


k 2016 11 20 Pictures AUS Seminar in FRA Nov 2016 2


Melbourne Migration International team would like to thank all attendees for their lively participation and their positive feedback. We are happy to offer more seminars in March this year:

Press Release 2015: Autumn seminars were a great success.

We wish to thank all those who attended our 2015 Australian Migration Seminars. Each seminar was fully booked, and there was energetic participation from all attendees.

Immigration Lawyer Shane Welsh also attended and assisted in introducing current visa updates and strategies available to participants. This included information ranging from self-sponsorship and skilled-migration through to state-sponsorship. Shane also assisted seminar participants in private discussions understanding the range of potential opportunities available for Australian migration.

The autumn seminars covered all relevant visa topics, for example the bridges between residency, permanent residency and citizenship, and included an informative follow up discussion. This allowed individuals to expand their knowledge and understanding of the visa process.

We have received lots of positive feedback and look forward to working with you all in the future. 






























Press Release 2014: European Skilled Professionals and Business Migrants Conference

 Melbourne Migration International in partnership with the Victorian Government recently finished a number of Migration Seminars in Germany which were aimed at skilled professionals and business and investor migrants with an interest in living, working or investing in Australia.

Several informative and interactive presentations as well as in-depth discussions were delivered in Frankfurt and Stuttgart and attended by Victorian Skilled and Business Migration Manager, Mr Zane Rebronja. Mr. Rebronja had previously worked with Melbourne Migration International in November 2013 for a similar event.

With the recent Federal Budget announced, the Australian Government is looking at maintain its intake of skilled professionals and overseas-skilled workers to fill the huge skills shortages and skills in demand in Australia. As with 2013, Australian States, including New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland are actively seeking entrepreneurs, skilled business people and professionals to live and work the respective locations.

Victorian Skilled and Business Migration Manager, Mr Zane Rebronja, said that the lifestyle and opportunities that are offered in Victoria confirm just why this location has been voted the Most Liveable State three years in row. Victoria - as well as other States and Territories - offer comprehensive support to migrant's new arrivals wishing to settle in Australia.

Mr Alexander Walke of Melbourne Migration International comments: "With the Australian Government announcing that skilled professionals are still needed, now is a fantastic time to make the change. Both skilled professionals, business owners and investors are in demand."

Mr Walke also announced that the Migration International Group will soon open a new branch in Victoria. "Melbourne Migration International, based in CBD Melbourne, will serve our clients in Melbourne, Victoria and South Australia.

Mr Rebronja said Melbourne Migration International's seminars provided detailed, professional information to attendees in an easy-to-understand, no-nonsense manner. These seminars, and the responses we have seen so far, only strengthen the ties between Australia and Germany. We were thankful to be again involved. "

The Victorian Government and Melbourne Migration International are currently planning further events in Europe for late 2014 and early 2015.

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For 10 years running our conferences aimed at skilled professionals and business and investor migrants with an interest in living, working or investing in Australia have been recognized by the Victorian Government as strengthening the ties between the countries.

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