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"Creating Liberty to Move..."

"Creating Liberty to Move" has been our mission since our founder laid the cornerstone for the Migration International Group in 2008 with the first office in Australia. In the meantime, we have grown with further offices in Australia and branches in New Zealand, North America and Europe.

We think internationally and we act locally. Melbourne Migration International is the Victorian network of the Migration International Group.

In the age of the internet we have listened to our clients and asked ourselves:

"How to create a business that offers its clients better and more efficient visa service while at the same time reduces the costs for each client?"

The answer:


The launch of the Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (AMAILA) is the result. AMAILA is designed to bring a breath of fresh air to the visa and immigration industry.

We believe you love where it leads you:


Work flexibility is part of our culture

Over the past years we’ve recognized the mutual benefit for clients and team members of flexible work.

Our journey toward a flexible work culture started in 2015. Cloud based technology makes it possible to work from almost anywhere and allows all our agents and lawyers to do just that. We currently have more than 70 independant home-based agents and lawyers.

No matter how or where our clients are based, our migration agents and immigration lawyers get the work done and drive great results for all our clients.

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27. July 2024

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For 10 years running our conferences aimed at skilled professionals and business and investor migrants with an interest in living, working or investing in Australia have been recognized by the Victorian Government as strengthening the ties between the countries.

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